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#SoCS How do you do the things that you do?

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“How do you do?” says the wrinkled old white-haired lady in the mirror. We met for the first time today. We also met for the first time yesterday morning. And the morning before that. I know, I know, it’s just that I cannot believe my eyes. Her eyes. What is she doing in my mirror, my room, my house? Why is she trying to be nice to me? How am I supposed to respond to this greeting? I know, I know. The correct formal response is to say “How do you do?” because this is our first meeting. Again. We don’t know each other from Adam. Or Eve.

I suppose I could respond with “It’s a pleasure to meet you” but I know that she’ll know that I’m lying through my teeth. I know that she knows that I know she’s an impostor. I’d rather not have her in my mirror, my room, my house. Where did I disappear to? This must be what they refer to as an out-of-body experience.

I take my new pair of skinny blue jeans from the railing and watch her stand first on one leg and then the other, tugging and pulling at the tight-fitting pants legs. “How do you do that?” I ask, fascinated. I know that balancing on one leg at her advanced age is no mean feat. Then I watch her bending down – bending down low – and putting on white sneakers, still managing that one-legged balancing act. Amazing. And then – can you believe this level of audacity? – she picks up my new roll-neck sweater and put it on, easily raising her arms up high to pull the garment over her head.

That was a class act, I’ll admit that much.

Then I pick up the eye-poker and offer it to her in the mirror. “How about a little mascara then?” I ask, and watch her walk out of the mirror and off stage. Yeah! Some things are just about near impossible, even life-threatening, at that age.

I can’t help smirking a little when I start humming those famous lyrics from the well-known song by Roxette:

"How do you do the things that you do?
No one I know could ever keep up with you
How do you do?"  

Linda said: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “how.” Use the word “how” in your post. Bonus points if you start your post with it. Enjoy!

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  1. How do you do. 👍🏆

  2. Bwahahaaa… Dalk moet jy maar met haar vriende maak?

  3. Ek het dit nou vreeslik geniet. Ek wil ook weet, where did I go…

    • Comment by post author


      En dit gebeur so vinnig, Bondels. Net gister was ek sewentien, slank en soepel met ‘n blos op die wange en ‘n vonkel in die oog.

  4. Hey, I’ve got one of those ladies hanging around in my mirrors, too! Not sure where she came from . . .

  5. They are lurking everywhere! She’s in my mirror too, at the least expected moments. I’m thinking of getting rid of them… the mirrors.