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#SoCS Memorable trips in this little car

Fiat Panda HP100 2008

Trips in this little car may soon become fond memories only. I mean with the price of fuel rumoured to double within the next two months, who can afford to go cruising up and down the coast the way we used to do? The past two years in almost perpetual lockdown already put paid to most of our travelling adventures. These days our travels mostly consist of trips to the shopping mall and the doctor’s offices. And the beach. Yes, these days, with the crimes soaring and old age creeping up, we rarely walk to the beach – we go by car.

I bought this little car yonks ago to travel to and from work on the busy highways of Gauteng. When I retired five years later Pandosie came with me to live in this little coastal town. Yes, it has a name – a blend of Panda and Dosie (a little box in Afrikaans) and it’s regarded to be part of the family. And still my favourite mode of transport. Smooth as silk and fast as lightning it zips through heavy traffic relying on muscle memory (I tell my daughter) to play hopscotch around the numerous potholes. A car with muscle, yes.

On our latest trip to the mall, the driver of the humongous truck parked next to us gets out of his vehicle to take a good look at Pandosie. “Such a cu-u-ute little car!” he says, “they really make cute little cars these days”. When I promptly inform him that the car is a 2008 model, therefore 14 years old, he looks at me in total disbelief. Who drives such old cars these days? Panda owners do and I am used to this reaction.

We had even more fun on a previous trip to the same shopping mall when by some coincidence we parked right next to another Panda 100 HP. The same model year I think. “Oh look at those little Pandas on steroids!” says a young passerby. “And the windgat (show-off, windbag) old aunty driving it,” says his mate.

On our way home, we are waiting for the traffic light to turn green when a beggar accepts a banana from an even older old aunty in the really small car (not the same make) ahead of us. He promptly drops the banana peel on the blacktop right in front of Pandosie. And Pandosie’s windgat driver.

“No! Do not mess on the road,” I say, “pick up the peel and bring it here. Yes, you, pick it up!”

He looks at the old aunty with the untamed grey hair poking her head through the window of the cu-u-ute little muscle car on steroids. Then he meekly picks up the peel and brings it over to the car where I put it in a plastic bag.

You simply do not mess with Panda drivers.

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  1. Oh the annoyance! I got a new car in January and can’t afford petrol today. 😭😭

    • Comment by post author


      🙈 O no! That is a bummer. I don’t even want to think of the months ahead and how much worse it actually can get. We’ll have to hold on to our sense of humour and hope for the best.

  2. Cute and cheeky…Pandosie and her owner. 😉

  3. Mooi! ,’n Mens mors nie voor ‘n pandosie- of voor hierdie ou tannie nie

  4. Hoe lekker smaail ek nou.

  5. Some of us have to try to stem the tide of rubbish all around us. I hope you keep Pandosie in good nick so that as soon as the price of fuel drops you will be able to set off again!

    • Comment by post author


      That is another sore point. Pandosie has just been for a full service which set me back a few thousand. I can only hope that the fuel price (and this madness in the world leading to the increases) will settle down sooner rather than later.

  6. I had a good laugh, I see the whole episode flashing past in my mind. Old aunty in a vitage car with hair like a mop. Haha

  7. I’m impressed that the beggar accepted the banana and picked up the peel since my offers of food instead of money have regularly been rejected. I am also impressed by your perseverance and frugality.

    • Comment by post author


      We are always cautioned against giving them money as they usually spend this on drugs and alcohol. There are various shelters where they can go for help in destitute circumstances.

      • I don’t give money, but some people do. It’s good that there are options.

  8. Ek sien al daardie kwaai vrou in Pandosie! Ek sou ook vinnig die piesangskil opgetel het. Oulik geskryf, Hester.

  9. ‘Do not mess on the road’…. great! And Pandosie is a word I am going to remember from now on, when I see a cute little pandacar… ha!

    • Comment by post author


      😀 I am afraid that in south Africa this is not unusual behaviour, people leave mountains of rubbish on the sidewalks, the beaches, in the public parks and parking bays. We fight a never ending battle to keep our environment clean. I hope this particular beggar will think twice before he acts like this in future.

      • I hope so too. And your battle is needed all over the world, I think. So keep on fighting! 👊

    • Comment by post author


      Yes, I can hardly credit that this little car is 14 years old. It only has 115, 000 kilos on the clock though and is still in tip top shape.

  10. Ek lovit dat jy jou kar so geniet en dat jy daai monsters op sy neus gegee het. Good 4 u!!!

    • Comment by post author


      Ek het hierdie week my seun se peperduur outomatiese Astra met al sy onboard computers wat basies die bestuursproses beheer, rondgery. Sy senuwees was op oor sy ma wat so casually deur die verkeer beweeg met sy duur kar. Haha – hy mag nie my Pandosie bestuur nie; ons ratkasbestuurders (control freaks!) vertrou nie bestuurders wat so baie rekenaarhulp nodig het om op die pad te bly nie 🤣🤣🤣