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A new hobby

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More than ever before, my mind is detecting new ways of enjoying the freedom that life is offering me, despite the outbreak of the pandemic. It is more than just mind over matter – it is a complete mindset change. In our small community, ninety percent of the residents are retirees. Our movements are currently severely restricted by regulations necessitated by the outbreak of the pandemic, yet my mind is wandering outside the limits imposed on me, in more than one way. I’m not the only one who is finding a new lease on life.

I seem to have an abundance of free time, which is weird when taking into account that I have been retired for quite a few years now, with nothing more urgent than eating, sleeping, and relaxing to tax my brains. Yet, now I find that more often than not my mind is skipping around, trying to pay attention to more than one activity at a time.

Suddenly I have an urge to make new friends and to get in touch with old friends I haven’t seen in donkeys’ years. Since I am not allowed to travel and social distancing is at the order of the day, I’m learning to communicate in other ways more effectively than I could ever have imagined. Long live technology!

Imagine those days when I actually had to get out of the house to go to the theater, see a movie, attend a musical concert – that’s all behind me now. Artists are more than generously sharing their talents with us right here in our living rooms. Presented internationally. How cool is that?

Not that we stay at home all day – we do need to exercise and going to the gym is not an option. I have noticed though, that dog owners are walking there pets for longer periods over longer distances than ever before. Every member of every household is on the sidewalks or boardwalks at the beach walking, jogging, cycling, stretching, or practicing yoga. Some of us (me! me! me!) have taken up fishing as a hobby. The sun and the fresh sea air are wonderful remedies for sagging muscles (and spirits).

More than likely, this state of affairs will continue for quite some time. We are grateful to those front line workers who make it possible for us to still enjoy life whilst shielding us from harm. At the same time, we are also learning to extend a helping hand to those in greater need than ourselves.

It has been said that this pandemic may just be the catalyst that the inhabitants of our world need to come to their senses, to start protecting their planet and each other. Maybe this point of view carries more truth than meets the eye.

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  1. Ah Hester, this pandemic has brought about a roller-coaster of emotions. Having experienced the highs and the lowest of the lows, I think I am finding a middle ground of acceptance. Your post is wonderfully positive and encouraging.

  2. Corona Crisis is a terrible thing. But we have to accept the consequences.

    Whish you more health and Happiness.

    Kind regards,

  3. Ons wêreld is so anders as verlede jaar hierdie tyd. So anders. Tog, ons leer om verskillend te kyk, om onsself te herposisioneer.

    • Comment by post author


      Ja, ek dink die meeste van ons ongelukkigheid met die huidige omstandighede het te doen met die onsekerheid van wat voorlê. En hoe lank kan ‘n mens so van dag tot dag leef?

  4. Ja ons word gechallenge om ander maniere van dink en doen te vind, wie weet dalk lei dit nabiets baie besonders 💐

  5. Well said, positive and still to the point. Well written. I can relate to all of it.

  6. The world in limbo, finding more meaning in minimalism and learning that less is more, is what comes to mind. Lekker dinkgoed, dankie Hester.

  7. Baie goed gestel, Hester. Vir my is die heel lekkerste dat ek geen druk het om dinge te doen nie. Ek het tyd om te maak wat ek daarmee wil. Dalk is dit ook ‘n kombinasie van afgetree en die covidinperkings, maar daar is definitief meer tyd om te dink aan ‘n ander manier van leef.

  8. Terrible thing. It fools us!

  9. Wat ‘n heerlike inskrywing Hester. Ons hele wêreld is onderstebo, maar stadig maar seker vind ons weer ons balans en gaan aan

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