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Snowflake – all the way from Russia with love

Depiction of a snowflake on a Christmas Card

Dear Maria, the long-awaited parcel has arrived – all the way from Russia in under three months this time. Maria, the author of the blog, who resides in Moscow, faithfully sends me a card and gift every Christmas. Due to the fickleness of our mail services in this part of the world, I always hover between eagerness and doubt, wondering if and when the parcel will arrive.

This time of the year we walk to the beach on a daily basis, weather permitting, along various pathways. We make a point of walking the route past the mailbox at least once every two weeks, a hike of about 5 km. We popped in at the store which runs a Post Office agency, on a really hot summer day this week, and in the mailbox, there was the notification of the parcel waiting for us. The staff members, noticing the foreign stamps, were almost as excited as Karen and me about the mail that arrived from this faraway country. This is not an everyday occurrence in our neck of the woods.

Just across the street from the store, I sat down on somebody’s front lawn and opened the parcel. Not even in the lovely shade, no, here in Africa we like it hot and on a beautiful day we soak up the sun. It doesn’t mean, however, that we do not actually feel the heat and I laughed in delight when I saw Maria’s Christmas wish for me – snow even in Africa! Not much chance of that, even over Christmas, but I must admit that the thought of a handful of snow to cool down the heat on my skin, seemed like a marvelous idea right then. Maria obviously loves the cool weather and the snow that they experience in Russia at that time of the year, but I do wish that I could bottle a little sunshine to forward to her.

Once again, thank you, Maria. I’m so happy to report that a little piece of Russia arrived safely in my home country. Thank you for the lovely wishes and for thinking of me over the festive season.

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  1. Oooo dis mooi!
    Moes jy invoerbelasting betaal?
    Sug… ek hou duime vas vir my sus se pakkie … dit neem langer as ooit. Ek raak al paniekerig.

    • Comment by post author


      Nee, ek het nog nooit inbetaal op die pakkies nie. Toemaar, dalk kom die pakkie nog – soms vat dit baie lank.

      • Jy is gelukkig Ek het ‘n slag twee skilderytjies uit Kanada gekry en moes amper R500 invoerbelasting betaal. Vir my sus se kwilt moes ek meer as R200 betaal. Grinnik en eenkeer het hulle my pakkies per boot gestuur en dit het amper 4 maande geneem.

  2. That snowflake is so pretty that it brought tears to my eyes. What wonderful friendships we forge with other bloggers!

  3. Hester, wat ń mooie geskenkie! Ek glo jy sien jaarliks uit na iets al die pad van Rusland af.

  4. It’s lovely!!! A very special gift 😊

  5. !!!!! At last, dear Hester!!! What a news! That’s the best gift for the Women’s Day for me. I have made my conclusions that to send you the parcel right after Christmas is swifter. It has worked out! !!!! I hope the towels will fit your kitchen!

    Send you my warmest greetings & really happy Women’s Day! 🙂

    • Comment by post author


      The towels are lovely, Maria. Thank you for this thoughtful gift. My daughter says they are so beautiful, we should save them for use only onm very special occasions. Women’s Day is a special occasion, isn’t it? 😄 so I will show them off at our afternoon tea tomorrow. Happy celebrations on this special day and kind regards from my family as well.

  6. Snowflakes are more than welcome in Amsterdam.

    Kind regards,

    • Comment by post author


      I suppose one gets used to the cold weather, but I’ve lived my whole life under the hot African sun. Thx for dropping in Rob.

  7. What a blessing! I agree with one of the comments about friendships from blogs…true

  8. So-iets kan nie beskryf hoe mens werklik voel nie. Dis darem n heerlike geskenkie van iemand baie spesiaal. Haapy it turned up at last.

  9. n lekker bederf – spesiaal