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#SoCS This is what I would term a conundrum

Hibiscus flower

Hibiscus flower

The conundrum: “Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “flower/flour.” Use one, use both, it’s totally up to you. Enjoy!”

To see the rules for this weekly challenge and all the entries for Saturday 22 September 2018, visit Linda G Hill.

 Flower and/or flour. Which do I identify with? Which do I prefer? Which one “speaks” to me? Neither, I think. This is what I would term a conundrum.

I’m a flower lover; I admire them all the time – in other peoples’ gardens, prettily arranged in a vase in other peoples’ houses – but you will not find any in my garden or home. I’m an avid gardener, but I prefer edible plants and they are not big on flowers. Unless you like eating flowers. Personally, I do not really find flowers palatable. Hibiscus tea? No thank you, Dear. Rose leaf preserves? I’ll pass, but thank you for offering.

Flour. I know this as the substance that goes into bread, cakes and all kinds of lovely things that people love to eat. Another thing you will not find in my home, not because I don’t like the eating part, it’s just that I detest the making and baking part. It’s so much easier to buy a “homemade” cake at the bakery around the corner.

Uhm … so what more can I say about flower/flour? Not much. Nooo … not much.

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  1. Excellant response

  2. So goed gestel. Ek eet ook nie blomme nie 😜

  3. Hehe, oulik Hester! Ek het ook nie meel in my huis nie, om dieselfde rede as jy. Ek wonder of ek al drie koeke in my lewe gebak het.😝

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      Ek het dit nogal gedoen toe my kinders jonger was en toe het Karen oorgevat. Vandat ons hier woon het ons te min tyd vir sulke dinge. Wag, dit klink nie reg nie – eintlik bestee ons liewer ons tyd op ‘n ander manier.

  4. That “homemade” cake at the bakery around the corner is yummy and will do just fine. Great post!

  5. But it still made for an excellent post! 😀 Thanks so much for joining in!

  6. Og daardie blom is pragtig!!! Nie blomme nie… nie meel nie…jy is voorwaar uniek.

  7. I’ll tell you what… why not combined both?!
    Take baby marrow flowers – dip them in tempura batter – made from the flour of your choice… deep fry and eat!!
    Conundrum solved!! As Jamie Oliver would say… easy peasy!
    (PS – I an’t a fan of his but he said easy peasy so I must credit him…)

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      Pukka flowers! I luv Jamie. “whisper” my son (the chef) hates him, but that may be a little professional jealousy.

      • I’m with your son… JO is a twarp!! Ek hoop jou seun vloek nie so baie nie… en ek hoop jou seun word net so ryk en amper so berugt! 😉

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          My seun se taal is erger is Gordon Ramsay s’n. Dis oorerflik – van hulle pa se kant af.

        • Nou… daars vir jou ‘n simple vark van ‘n irk! Ek hoop jou seun sien dadelik sin en los uit die maniere van daai spul moegoes! (Ja… geld is nie alles nie…) Net so by the way… oorerflikheid is ‘n 50/ 50 affêre…

        • Comment by post author


          Ja, 50% goed en 50% wat liewer moes gebly het.

        • Nou los jy my nie juis veel van ‘n keuse nie… ek stem altyd aan die MANS se kant!! Wha ha ha… HAAAA!

  8. This made me smile. I don’t care much for eating flowers either. I love the sight of flowers though, but the only ones around my home are the ones my husband brings me. I kill any that I try to plant. A green thumb I do not have!
    As far as flour goes, I am presently making Banana bread. 🙂

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      We used to have a big garden with masses of flowers which my husband tended, but in the end, it became a burden. The dogs were not allowed to play around the flower beds, guests had to tread carefully in the vegetable garden and then I lost my temper and sold the house. I’m a terrible wife, I know. We now live in a townhouse and the garden is someone else’s problem, thank goodness.

  9. I am sure you aren’t a terrible wife! 🙂 You are living with less stress now, that’s a good thing!