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#SoCS Get your hands off that posterior post-haste

The post about the posterior seemed a good choice for this week’s SoCS. Why? Because Linda says : Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “post.” Use it as a word, or find a word that uses it as a prefix. Have fun!

We were at the nursery earlier this afternoon to buy edible leafy plants which my husband refers to as goat fodder, but which my daughter and I deem to be an essential part of our summer salads-only diet. Yes! summer is on its way, long overdue as far as I am concerned but as welcome as ever. Post winter and post all the rich, thick and creamy soups, broths, stews, curries and puddings, we really need sustenance of a less caloric nature to get the posteriors back into shape.

While my daughter and I were busy selecting strong and healthy seedlings among the parsley, sweet basil, garlic chives, rocket, mint and lettuce beds, my husband wandered away. A little while later I saw him sniffing around a yesterday-today-and-tomorrow shrub. Then I watched him gently laying down his crutches and reaching out to fondle a magnificent derrière.

The nursery staff have stuffed a few old denims with potting soil in which they displayed their ferns and trailing vines – a really neat marketing trick much appreciated by their male customers. My daughter caught his cheeky smile on her cell phone camera; he was well aware of the fact that we were watching his antics and enjoyed our raised eyebrow expressions.

Post-it: Did you really expect me to react to that posterior caress in any other way?

Postscript: I’m posting this on social media.

Post postscript: I know your friends will love this. So will your enemies 😎

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  1. Dis kostelik, Hester! Jou man lyk so onnutsig!

  2. So ‘n stoute, sjarmante glimlag!

  3. Uitgevang! 😂

  4. Knap gedaan, Hester. Pappie is goed uitgevang!☺

  5. This one made me laugh so hard!! Great story.

  6. I want to try and make some old jeans into a planter. Too funny 🙂

  7. 😀 so funny for a second I wondered what an earth your husband was doing, AND was that you inside the jeans! (Lucky lady, summer is just about done in the UK and what with BREXIT looming perhaps 😀 I should emigrate to Africa!

  8. LOL!! A sense of humor is a wonderful thing!::)

  9. 😱🤣

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