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#SoCS an earworm, earworm, earworm is boring into my brain

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Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “earworm.” Talk about your latest earworm, or one that habitually haunts you. Enjoy!

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… my wish came true i should not have wished for something so stupid there is a lesson to be learned here but now i’m already in this predicament and the voices … they are not really quiet the way i wished them to be but for once they are not yelling at me and they are not each telling their own story the voices are … in tune …  they are all singing from the same page they are harmonising they are filling my head with a melody … i wish that i can wish my wish away i simply cannot listen to the wheels of the bus go round and round … my wheels are falling off please tell the people to sit still my bus is falling apart the noises are assaulting my ears … beep, beep, beep … swish, swish, swish … zoom, zoom, zoom … waa, waa, waa … an earworm, earworm, earworm is boring into my brain … somebody shut off the blink, blink, blinking signals my eyes are rolling around in my head faster and faster i wish, wish, wish to wish my wish away …

Is there anything more charming and delightful but at the same time more irritating than the catching tune of a nursery song? do you often find yourself humming a snatch from an opera? or a piece of classical music? or the refrain of a pop song? yes, it happens all the time but then the urge passes … BUT that nursery song on television or youtube stays with me throughout the day, well into the wee hours of the morning.

But if you are partial to earworms, please listen to this 😄


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  1. The wheels of the bus, go round, and, round…thanks Hester, the earworm has hit 😂😉

  2. Ha ha Hester! Wees bly dis nie ringe ringe rosie nir!!

    • Comment by post author


      Of nog erger, daardie een liedjie waarvan jy nie die naam of die woorde kan onthou nie, maar die deuntjie bly vassteek in jou kop!

  3. ‘The wheels of the bus’ still bore into my brain even after SO many years have passed since it was relevant! I even find it running through my head while I am driving long distances!

  4. Ag nee, Hester! Daardie liedjie gaan nou heeldag in my kop draai…vieslike wurm wat nou boor en boor!😝😃

  5. Ah, I do a lot of nursery rhymes too. My mother’s forgotten what she sang to me, my son’s forgotten what I sang to him, but damn if I forget a single one!

  6. Omg yes yes! I cannot say tooo much here but a relation I know well 😉😊has a young family for neighbours. Their 2 and 4 yr old children will sit in the play frame thingy in the garden singing nursery rhymes!! Absolutely adorable and makes me and mum laugh but the times I go home on a Sunday humming 3 blind mice or whatever…………… BUT 😊 Cest lady vie they’re wonderful children and the parents are a godsend……. all good fun 😊

  7. The right ear worm can be a good thing in some circumstances. For instance, when I’m running and need to keep a fast pace the song Doe, a deer, a female deer…etc pops into my mind; I can make the beat faster and faster which makes my legs pump faster and faster….The trick is turning off the song at the end of the run!

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      That is a very clever ruse that they use in shops as well. Fast, upbeat music over busy lunch hours to make the shoppers hurry along with their shopping baskets; slow dreamy music when they want you to spend more time scoping out their specials. Not to mention those xmas carol earworms …

  8. My kop is te vol vir hierdie oorwurm ook….maar ken ek nie daardie hele dag en in die nag se geboor nie. Myne was
    “Incy Wincy spider climbing up the spout
    Down came the rain and washed the spider out
    Out came the sunshine and dried up all the rain
    And Incy Wincy spider climbed up the spout again.”
    Eerste keer wat ek jou liedjie gehoor het.

  9. Got no brains …

    I am sorry.

    Kind regards,

    • Comment by post author


      So … there is just empty space between the ears? 😨 😱 😄Men don’t seem to suffer these silly little afflictions. It must be due to the fact that women tend to multi-task too much and then we lose the plot.

  10. Here’s an epic earwig… listen to the whole track… three songs rolled into one… I simply can’t get this out of my head… ever since the first time I heard it!
    Not as ethereal or esoteric as Wheels on the Bus… but it also has motion at it’s core… did I say ENJOY??!!

  11. Nilanjana Bose

    This brought back memories! used to be on the loop when kiddo was tiny…probably was acting out the sound effects even in my sleep then haha

    • Comment by post author


      Haha, it made me hop up and down, up and down with the people on the bus (on my office chair) for a few days. It’s crazy, the way something like this can hijack your brain.

  12. When I worked at daycare the Wheels on a Bus was Always going through my head along with many other children’s songs! 🙂

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