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#SoCS Round is not just a random shape, it’s also a way of life

Sunrise at Margate Beach, KwaZulu-Natal, July 2014.

Round is the shape of the sphere on which we exist, holding on for dear life. To hop off may just mean that we will be catapulted into vast and dark open spaces where shapes do not exist and then? How can we find our way back?

Round is the shape of a chocolate birthday cake, baked with love and eaten at the kitchen table surrounded by loved ones, on this special day. The yummy ingredients will no doubt affect the shape of the hips for a while, but what the heck … we only live this life once. We can just as well enjoy it.

Round is the shape of the wedding band, a circle of gold, given with love and accepted with pride, praying that this bond will survive. This talisman does not always do its job, but we can always hope. Or try again. No, scrap that.

Round is the shape of the full moon which we found so romantic in our youth until those astronauts landed their moon craft on it. It is still a wonderful sight to behold, but nowadays we study the wax and wane of the moon purely for scientific reasons.

Round is also the shape of the sun at the break of day which is greeted with enthusiasm or despair, depending on personal circumstances. But irrespective of how we feel about the new day, it signifies the fact that we are back in the arena for another round.

“Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “round.” Use it as a word by itself or find a word that contains it. Bonus points if you start and/or finish your post with it. Have fun!”

Yes, I may actually have earned some bonus points. To see the rules for this weekly challenge and all the entries for Saturday 1 September 2018, visit Linda G Hill.

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  1. Jinne, maar dis ‘n mooi foto!

  2. Uitstkend geskryf.

  3. Fantastiese beskrywing van rond. Ek hou veral van die sjokoladekoek gedeelte met die ronde heupe😄.Pragtige foto, Hester!

    • Comment by post author


      Haha, dis een soort koek waarvan ek nogal hou. Die foto het ek van my dogter se FB timeline af geleen – my seun het dit geneem.

  4. Omtrent ‘n mooi beskrywing, nou glad nie skaam om te sê my shape is ook rond…😂

  5. very good a perfect flow of consciousness and lots of rounds. 😃

  6. Goed geskryf, en ja in my geval…..scrap that…😁

  7. Hester, wat julle bloggers nog nie weet nie is dat ek in prentjies dink….dis bietjie scary en baie pret…. ek sien jou nou so vierkantig met gate op jou kop en bene wat uitsteek, hahahaaa

  8. I better get into shape…..Wait, round is a shape
    Baie oulik geskryf

  9. Skitterend gedoen, Hester!!!

  10. I love your SoCS! Lovely imagery & a nice flow through each thought…and that photo is gorgeous!

  11. Net ‘n toets

  12. Dit werk net as ek elke keer “verander”….. dit behou nie my inligting nie. En ek het die blokkie wat sê Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time… gekliek. Sal maar elke keer die lang pad moet vat wanneer ek kommentaar lewer.

  13. A beautiful tribute to the round and precious. I loved the imagery and also the symbolism that we can always come back around and try again.

  14. I eventually came around to read your block….. jolly goed geskryf Hester. En dankie vir die glimlag na al die frustrasie.

  15. Following one’s stream of consciousness is the best way to write……… I enjoyed 🙂

  16. So beautiful Hester!!!

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