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#AandIPoetryChallenge: Aug 2018 – let’s write a limerick

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New Zealand blogger and writer, Ineke, from I scrap 2 and blogger, Amanda, from Something to Ponder About in Australia are jointly hosting the A and I Poetry Challenge in English and Afrikaans, in the WordPress community.

For the month of July I decided to try my hand at writing a limerick, but due to time, connectivity and other constraints, I never published the poem and only finished it today.

What I actually said to myself (back in July) was: “Myself, let’s write a limerick. It is a short humorous poem, meaning that you can write it in no time and you can always use some humour to cheer yourself up”.

So, I followed the usual route and went googling. I found a lot of conflicting information but in the end, I decided that I could live with the following:

  • A limerick is a short, humorous poem which is often bawdy or non-sensical. (No, no, opines someone else, the poem can be a little naughty but stay away from the obscene and the vulgar and remember! a non-sensical poem is not always a limerick.) O well, mine is a blog for the whole family, which means that I’ll behave myself.
  • The poem tells a simple story, usually about a person and a place.
  • The limerick follows a particular form:
    • It is a five-line verse with a determined rhyme scheme of AABBA;
    • The first, second and fifth lines contain 7-10 syllables; the third and fourth lines are shorter and have 5-7 syllables each (there were differences of opinion about the syllable count); and
    • All lines have the same verbal rhythm [ta-TUM-ta-ta-TUM-ta-ta-TUM=(ta)]

Two weeks later I was still trying to fit a few words into the desired form. Let me tell you, this is a difficult art form (for me, that is) and I have new found respect for poets who write these poems.

This is what I came up with:

An OLD bird who LIVES at the COAST
Lied DOWN in the SUN and she DOZED
She THOUGHT a light TAN
Would CATCH her a MAN
But NOW she’s burnt CRISP as dry TOAST


I also attempted one in Afrikaans, but I soon gave up; Afrikaans is a language that lends itself to a very naughty sense of humour and I kept stumbling over the “behave yourself” obstacle. I cannot publish my efforts here 😄


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  1. Daar was ‘n mooi nooi van Goudini
    Sy dra tog te graag ‘n bikini
    – dit pas lekker styf
    – on haar mollige lyf
    dat jy net ‘n klein bietjie nie sien nie!

    Die broeder sê: Suster, kom nader
    dat ons twee intiem kan vergader
    – trek uit jou habyt
    – dit is hoogste tyd
    om te vorder tot moeder en vader!


  2. Oulik, ek sal daarvan hou om die Afrikaans weergawe te hoor 😉

  3. Kyk nou net hoe oulik skryf jy, en dit nogal in Engels! Ek vermoed jy het ń paar keer lekker vir jouself gelag?

  4. I’m laughing Hester because your limerick is rather good especially the payoff last line. You have natural talent!!!

  5. Ha ha, well done. This is hilarious! I can imagine the Afrikaans one is to naughty to publish. Thanks for writing this poem for the challenge.

  6. Baie oulik, love dit

  7. 😁😁😁. Een heel geslaagde limerick

  8. You did it!!! Klop jouself op die skouer Hester dis goed gedoen. 😊 Ek het al heel week gedink aan een maar niks.

  9. Goed gedoen!
    Ek verstaan nie limerike of poetry nie… ek verstaan nie lettergrepe nie… dit maak vir my nie sin nie!
    Ek skryf so nou en dan goet wat rym maar ag tog… al die reels maak my kop plat… platter as wat hy al klaar is! :/ 🙂

    • Comment by post author


      Die reëls is my geweldig interessant, maar sodra ek weet hoe die gedigvorm werk (min of meer) dan beweeg ek aan. In my hart is ek beslis nie ‘n digter nie.

      • Nee… disgters is sagmoedige siele (soos ek) … jy is hetemal te wild en ongetem om ooit ‘n voltydse digter te word!
        Wha hahhahha HAA! 😉

        • Comment by post author


          Jy? sagmoedig? hahaha. En wat van die ongetemde Lord Byron, Ingrid Jonker. Ons kan nou nie almal oor daffodils skryf nie.

        • Nee… ons kannie! Nellie sorg vir te veel pret… vergeet van die blomme! 😉
          Daai twee? Hulle het maar net gemaak of hulle wild was… maar, eintlik was hulle maar net shrinking violets… of hoe? 🙂

        • Comment by post author


          Nee kyk, ek weet nou nie van die violets nie, maar jy is reg, Nellie is meer pret.

  10. Behave jouself!! Jammer ek het hierdie limeriek een gemis, het al paar geskryf selfs behave yourself pogings in Afrikaans. Moet nou gaan anders droog my toast uit

    • Comment by post author


      Jy het niks gemis nie. Jy kan enige tyd gaan plaas onder Ineke se skakel. Dis maandelikse uitdagings en as jy Augustus mis, kan jy dit onder September gaan plaas. Ek het ‘n paar goeie Afrikaanse limerieke gelees die afgelope tyd,

      • Langenhoven was natuurlik ‘n uitstekende limeriek maker

        • Comment by post author


          Piet Zondagh en sy dogter Griet Zondagh
          Leer Hooghollands stadagh maar grondagh;
          Hulle sê, vir ‘n oumens,
          En nog meer vir ‘n vroumens,
          Is Afrikaans te kort en te bondagh.
          Langenhoven is vir my immer ‘n bron van genot.

  11. Thanks so much for the awesome limerick. It made me smile! As did the others who contributed in the comments! The limerick is a fun way to build our poetic community across languages! Awesome job. I am posting the round up post soon, so a pingback should be on its way.

  12. I do like this! What fun! I have been trying all month to write a humorous limerick without much success! Thanks for being a regular contributor to the poetry challenge.

    • Comment by post author


      This challenge really motivated me to read more poetry and to try some new writing styles that I never thought of before.

      • I am so happy to hear that the challenge has been a reason for you to extend yourself into something new! It has been so satisfying to read all the wonderful contributions!

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