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#SoCS My favorite word is “sun”, of course

Early morning sun at Banana Beach tidal pool

My favorite word is “sun”, or any translation thereof, closely followed by “beach”. This will come as no surprise to anyone living on the African continent. We all seem to need the sun on our skin with the same urgency that we need food and water. Without sun my soul shrinks, my bodyworks go into decline and my brain screeches to a halt.

In the Southern Hemisphere, we are tumbling into winter and we are frantically trying to soak up as much sun as possible before the really cold weather sets in. By the way, on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal, “really cold weather” means a drop in daytime temperature to below 22°C.  We only really feel comfortable when temperatures rise above, say, 25°C.

We live about 1,5km from the beach and first thing in the morning, we hang out the bedroom windows to see whether the sun is shining, judge the wind speed and check the surface of the water. Whenever feasible, we get straight to the business of putting on swimwear and getting to the beach as fast as possible.

The photos below were taken on the stretch of beach, approximately 1,7km, between Sunwich Port and Banana Beach. Here we have a choice of swimming in one of the two tidal pools or in the waves. On this occassion, we saw a school of dolphins playing in the waves among the surfers and watched a dog trying to make up its mind between getting into the water or staying dry on the rock wall surrounding the pool.

Why this tirade about the sun? Well, first of all, Linda Hill who hosts the Stream of Consciousness bloghop, has put forward the Friday prompt “your favorite word” for this week. ”What’s your favourite word? Write about it, base your post on it, or just write about the concept of having one. Enjoy!”

Linda, this is my first time participating here and I hopped over from The Sound of One Hand Typing, hoping you will allow me to play here.



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  1. Kinders van Afrika is maar kinders van die son. 😁

  2. Ons soek nou erg koue en reën. 😁

  3. Somer son en safier vir my!

  4. My soul is shrinking, my bodyworks have declined to shaking uncontrollably and my brain never really got going today: we have not seen the sun and reached our maximum of nine degrees mid-morning so have been on the decline since then. If only the ‘light showers’ predicted would arrive I might feel it is all worthwhile. As Toortsie says, we are children of the sun!

  5. 😮 really cold to you to drop below 22 degrees C! 😀 I fear Hester lol Great Britain isn’t the country for you, having said that the sun’s been shining and I’ve been out taking photos for my Blog (shameless plug 😉 ) A lovely slideshow btw, makes me want to visit the seaside again.

    • Comment by post author


      Lucky you. We also have sun here, but the wind is cold today. This part of the coast is truly beautiful, especially so because some beaches are still isolated and not easily accessible.

  6. Ag tog, jy praat so reg in my hart in. Die son en see…

  7. Vandag son gehad vir eerste dag vandat ons inni Kaap is, maar dis yskoud. Ek meen regtig koud, maar heerlik.

    • Comment by post author


      Ja, jy het die mooiweer Kaap net-net gemis. Ek kan nie onthou dat die Kaap ooit vir my werklik koud was nie en ek het ‘n groot deel van my lewe daar spandeer, maar ek was toe heelwat jonger (warm bloed) en was besig met werk en kinders grootmaak. Mens neem nie notisie van die weer wanneer jy besig is nie.

  8. I can’t say I have a favorite word. I tend to overuse adjectives that describe food and drink in non-comestible situations. “What a tasty idea that is!” “This is luscious weather.” “Oh, that nap was so yummy.” But I couldn’t really pick a favorite. I like all the words.

    Schaedenfreude. I love that word.

    • Comment by post author


      I love the way you play with adjectives. Schadenfreude – not so much. Maybe it is the meaning of it rather than the word itself that irks me.

  9. First photo shows an incredible place. Thank You for this great post.

  10. Hester jou sun of a beach

  11. Son… hoekom is ek nie verbaas nie. 2 Grade gisteroggend hier gewees…. so ek beter pak en Suidkus toe gaan vir winter. Jy is stil…. is dit die oor of is jy besig met pak? Hoe voel die oor?

  12. I like that “Early Morning Sun..” image a lot.

  13. Pragtige fotos!
    Ek stem saam met jou, in die winter is ons dae so kort, maar gelukkig maak die son daarvoor op in die somer.

  14. Sjoe… dis mooi!!!

    • Comment by post author


      Dankie man. Ek mis dit regtig om te blog en fotos te plaas, maar dis op die oomblik soveel moeite. Ek kners nog steeds op my tande en wag vir Telkom om die kabel klaar te lê. Hulle het nou gevorder van die straat af tot in die sekuriteitskompleks se gronde, maar die kabel moet nog deurgetrek word na my huis toe toe. Ons deel wi-fi met ons bure, maar dis verskriklik stadig en dis ‘n frustrerende situasie.

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