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Important Message – Self-hosted WordPress website


My blog posts have been transferred to my new self-hosted WordPress website www.hesterleynel.co.za. There are still a few small details that I must pay attention to, but the site is functional and we can keep on blogging. Yay!!!

  • You will be redirected to the new blog automatically when clicking on any link in the old website.
  • We successfully imported all my followers’ details, which means that you will be able to see my posts in your Reader.
  • We also successfully transferred all the details of the blogs that I am following and I can see your posts in my Reader.

Happiness all round!

😄 😃 😀


I am moving my blog DIS EKKE to a self-hosted website and may be offline for a short period from 08:00am (Johannesburg, South Africa – GMT+2) on Wednesday, 5 December 2017, while exporting my blog posts to my new site.

All “reader” and “E-mail” followers should be transferred automatically, but should you find that you can no longer see my posts or cannot access my account once the transfer is finalised, find me by following this link to my new site www.hesterleynel.co.za and re-follow me.

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  1. Bly om te sien ek is nog Kameel hier 😊

  2. Ek loer net in om hello te sê.xxx

  3. Ek toets gou of ek kommentaar kan gee

    • Hester Ley Nel

      Ek het jou uit my spambox gehaal.

  4. I did comment your adorable monkey post but it didn’t appear. Loved the pictures hopefully this will appear 😀

  5. Congrats on the new self hosted blog site. I hope it serves you and all your readers well! 🙂

    • Hester Ley Nel

      Thank you for the encouraging comment 😊

  6. Awesome! Congratulations, Hester.

    • Hester Ley Nel

      Thank you, I’m looking forward to playing around with the site a bit. WP is a wonderful blog platform, but there are way to many restrictions.

      • All the best! If you love fidgeting, I am sure you will enjoy it. I fret anxious I would mess up and lose everything. That is why my author site which is a self-hosted site is practically bare. When it works, it’s fun. 🙂

        • Hester Ley Nel

          It is a schlep, but fortunately I have a web designer under my roof and I’ve picked up a fair amount of knowledge from that source 😊

        • Wonderful! Sounds like you also have an inquiring mind that’s ready and willing to absorb new knowledge. I feel tired just thinking I have to try something new in technology, although I love tech. Enjoy it, Hester! I am looking forward to your new site. 🙂

        • Hester Ley Nel

          Thank you, Anne

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