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WPC Transformation: Growth

Peppercorn berries (drupes)

Peppercorn berries (drupes)

Transformation – a marked change in form, nature, or appearance (growth).

Fifteen years ago we bought a sturdy old house which we then renovated and extended. When we started landscaping the garden, we called in the assistance of a tree felling company to cut off the top half of this old peppercorn tree, which the arborist estimated to be between 60 and 80 years old, and approximately 50 ft tall.

This enormous tree reproduces through the small seeds (also known as “pink peppercorns”) shown in the first image. Quite a transformation, I think.

Peppercorn tree

The tree after it received the trimming. New foliage formed a thick and lush green umbrella during the following months and we enjoyed the shade during the hot seasons for many years.

Perppercorn Tree2

WPC Transformation

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  1. Ooooo dis ‘n pragtige boom.
    Ek het lanklaas deelgeneem die Woensdag pas my regtig nie

  2. We had an enormous pepper tree in our garden when I was a child. It was so old that there were hollow places in the thick trunk. I distinctly remember the smell of those crushed berries – what a wonderful memory of something I have not thought of for years!

  3. Dit is goeie fotos en beskrywing om die onderwerp te illustreer, Hester.

  4. Blog Andrew

    OMG ‘The Tree’ is fabulous!

  5. O dit was nog altyd my begeerte om ‘n groooooot boom in ons erf te hê. Die beste wat ons kon doen was birches. Jammer julle kon nie die mooie boom saamtrek nie!!!

    • Comment by post author

      Ja *sug*. Ons het twee groot peperbome en ‘n wit stinkhout gehad. Die garages, karafdakke en tuin moes rondom en tussen hulle gebou word. My man was amper rasend! Maar die eindresultaat was die moeite werd.

  6. My man was die hele oggend uit. Raai met watse fotos kom hy by huis? Nou hy neem baie selde fotos … maar het dié massiewe BOOM gesien; van sy stam en bietjie van sy blare afgeneem en wou weet.of ons weet watse boom is dit.

  7. Steeds 2 van hierdie bome voor in die tiin en katte is mal oor hulle

  8. That is such a magnificent tree, Hester! provided there are no snakes hiding there, I love trees. 🙂

    • Comment by post author


      No snakes there 😃 That tree dates back to my years in suburban Johannesburg. It was a life saver, a bit of nature in the concrete jungle.

      • Hehe! Great! You know, Joburg is one city that has a lot of trees. It’s easy to see from the Westcliff. Or, any other high place. And I took a pic from our floor at the Intercon on Christmas and you see trees down below it’s awesome.

        • Comment by post author


          I worked in the city center (Absa Campus), where we used walkways from one building to the other. I drove into the underground parking early morning and out again late afternoon. No dallying in the streets.

        • That can’t be too much fun. 😃

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