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WPC Pedestrian: Out there

Person who has been walking in the rain draining water from her gumboots

Walking in the rain

We very seldom walk around in city streets. When we visit one of our bigger towns, we usually drive straight to a shopping mall where ample parking space is provided. However, we love capturing photos while driving along the freeway and also when hiking in nature, which we do on a daily basis, weather permitting.

One of a herd of Nguni cattle walking along the freeway.

Homeward bound – that one individual in the herd that prefers to follow the freeway.

Footprint in the sand on a beach.

Leaving footprints on the beach early in the morning.

Shadows of two people standing on the railway line.

Hiking along the railway line. Shall we go that way?

WPC Pedestrian

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  1. Weereens baie slim fotos wat by die onderwerp pas, Hester.

  2. Aha lekker gee jy my ‘n plan Dankie … mooi foto’s

  3. Blog Andrew

    I thought it was only us Brits who wore wellington boots! 🙂 And footprint in the sand is a lovely photo.

    • Thank you for the compliment, Andrew. The boots – well, we don’t mind wet feet so much, but we live in snake country! 😊

      • Blog Andrew

        😮 snakes!!

        • Yes, we have the black mamba (in many quarters considered the deadliest snake in the world), the green mamba (boomslang or tree snake) and the less venomous night adder. We also have other non-venomous varieties.

        • Blog Andrew

          OMG!! 😀

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