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WPC Security: Volvation

WPC Security

Giant pill millipede - volvation

Volvation is a defense mechanism in some animals, in which they roll themselves up in a ball. The second and last dorsal plates of the Giant Pill Millipede fit perfectly into one another, creating a sealed ball which most predators are unable to unravel and protecting the softer underbelly. Built-in security!

Giant pill millipede

Photos taken in Elysium, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa (2016)

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  1. beautiful

  2. Dit is so mooi,dankie Hester!

  3. Diè is nou die woord wat ek vanoggend nodig het, en ook gaan ‘uitvoer’! Iewers oprol en hoop dit help teen die aanvalle. 😉

  4. Pragtig.

  5. Pragtige foto’s

  6. Best handig als je goed gepansert bent. Bij egels vind ik dat ook altijd heel bijzonder.

  7. drkottaway

    I am going to have to practice this…first, I will practice the rolling in to a ball. The armor will have to be specially designed once I find out how tight a ball I can roll in to….

  8. Thank you for enriching my word power. Ek gaan hierdie woord gebruik om mense te beindruk 🙂
    Die ongelukkige realiteit is dat Zuma ook maar besig is met volvation. Hy rol sy maatjies om hom.

  9. Slim kind… sit! 😉

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