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Two sides of the coin

Weekly Discover Challenge: Flâneur

Alternative title: two sides of the freeway.

Along this stretch of the coast, I often drive great distances to get to a shop or a hospital or just to visit friends. When travelling on the freeway, looking towards the interior I see the rural areas where informal settlements are home to many locals; life is hard and workers toil all day to put bread on the table. Looking towards the ocean I see the resorts where holiday-makers are enjoying the beaches, the water and the sun; these are mostly also workers, although maybe from a different walk of life, who work hard during the year to afford a holiday at the coast.

I observe, but do I remain detached?


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  1. A very interesting and soul searching question, and what is your answer?

    • Comment by post author

      I’m afraid it is NO – there is still too much suffering in this country. Some people try to balance the scales – others tip the scales to fill their own pockets, but we can never stop trying.

      • I am not sure why “I’m afraid” because NO is surely the correct answer for anybody with a heart and soul. I would not have expected you to be detached, any more than I can be when I see a young girl living on the street, or an elderly person sleeping on a park bench. It is a sad aspect of life, but life all the same.

  2. Die lewe is nie vir sissies nie!

  3. Dis die hartseerprentjie wat my ook baie ongelukkig maak.

  4. Dat zijn twee heel verschillende werelden. Aan een kant armoede en aan de andere kant luxe.

  5. Reminds me of a trip to South Africa — two distinct classes of people. Thanks for posting.

  6. Dit is hartseer as mens sien hoe hulle moet lewe

    • Comment by post author

      Eienaardig, ek het gisteraand daaraan gesit en dink; as jy die grootmense sien praat en lag, die kinders daar sien speel en almal net gewoon voortgaan met hulle lewe, dan is jy verstom oor hoe hulle in sulke omstandighede nog vreugde kan vind.

  7. Mens weet nie altyd wat die antwoord is nie.

  8. Hillechien

    wat een contrast, wij toeristen zien alleen maar de mooie kant maar jij laat ons die andere kant zien, die ergens ook mooi is maar dan in de zin van interessant