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WPC H2O: Thirsting for water

Every drop of water is saved and used sparingly


Water availability in South Africa varies greatly from the very dry regions in the west where the annual rainfall can be as low as 100mm, to the East / Southeast where the rainfall averages 1000mm annually.

Conservation is high on the list of priorities, especially in the drier regions where water is never taken for granted. In some of the rural areas, it is estimated that women spend as much as one-third of their day fetching water from streams, wells and water points set up by the local municipalities. Where possible, rainwater is harvested and stored in huge containers and / or groundwater is pumped by means of windmills. The water is used sparingly for cooking and washing, as well as watering livestock.

Every drop of water is saved and used sparingly

Pictured below is a weary little traveller gratefully quenching its thirst by sipping drops of water from the tip of my daughter’s finger.

Moth gratefully drinking a drop of water from a human finger

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  1. Wow, the second photo is unique! Water is so precious we sure do not appreciate it much as we should. Love your photos and description.

  2. Sjoe, hoe laat jy mens nou besef hoe kosbaar water is! Albei foto’s met hulle verskillende uitbeeldings van broosheid is werklik treffend.

  3. Good posts, beautiful blog.
    Welcome to see my creations:

  4. Sjoe die laaste foto is treffend!

  5. Vir die eerste keer wat ek van weet is daar dorpe waar geen water is nie, jy draai ‘n kraan oopen daar kom niks uit nie. Ek hoop die nuwe reenseisoen bring uitkoms.

    • Comment by post author

      Dis vreeslik jong, en dan sit en kyk ek elke dag hoe spoel die rivierwater in die see in. Ons is nou al so nat dat die water sulke straaltjies deur die potklei keerwalle syfer tot in die pad.

  6. A good reminder of the value of water and how it shouldn’t be taken for granted. The final photo a winner!

  7. Sad for the fact of water not available there 🙁 the pictures bring out the same scenario. Nicely put and described 🙂

  8. jen's magic

    Hi Hester! I nominated you for Liebster Award. Your one of my favorites around here. So if you’re up for it, follow this link:

    • Comment by post author

      Hi Jen, first of all, please permit me say that I enjoy reading your blog posts as well. I really value your interest in my blog and I appreciate the recognition, however I prefer not to participate in blog awards for the following reasons: As my lifestyle (timewise) is pretty erratic, I tend not to concentrate on a specific topic, in other words, my blog categories are pretty random and mostly in my native tongue (Afrikaans), which automatically prevents the majority of bloggers worldwide from reading and commenting on my blogs. Once again, thank you very much for nominating me in this worthwhile process of supporting other bloggers. Best wishes.

  9. Droogte. So ‘n realiteit in kns land. Let it rain, please God, let it rain. Kom seën ons land met reënwater sodat ons dors geles kan word.

  10. Sjoe die boonste een het my op FB aangegrypmaar die tweede is net besonders. Welgedaan

  11. Ach de drinkende vlinder…..hoe mooi!
    Normaal valt hier in dit jaargetijde maar de laatste maanden is het erg droog al haalt het natuurlijk niet bij de droogte in Afrikaanse landen.

  12. Die dorre dae! Ai… I so hope the rain comes… and washes away the thirst!!

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