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WPC Quest: Help

Sandsnail found on the beach

WPC Quest

Hoe om my winterslyfie terug te kry in my somer-swemgewaad?

How to fit those extra winter kilos into my summer beachwear?


Sandsnail found on the beach

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  1. Skerp!

  2. 😄😄👍🏻

  3. Lol

  4. Ek oorweeg gomlastiek klere.

  5. Ja… it always amazes me how they get those large sails into that tiny shell!! 😉

    • My husband says that part is actually the snail’s tongue. I must ask Mrs Google about that.

      • That is fitting… our first lady pope asking mrs G!! Wha ha HAAA!!! 😈

        • Do NOT come to my confession booth again. I will not forgive you until you’ve learnt Mrs Google by heart.

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