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WPC: Morning

Margate 18.07.2014 08h29During the July 2014 holiday season in Margate on the Southcoast of KwaZulu-Natal, we watched the lifeguards setting up their station early in the morning, before the arrival of the holiday crowd. The flags demarcate the “safe” area in which swimmers and surfers can enjoy the water under the supervision of the lifeguards.

This served as a reminder that not everybody in this popular coastal town is having a fun holiday; some people are at work earning their daily bread.

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  1. Dis ‘n baie mooi fot,Hester!

  2. Ooo dis mooi! Jy kan dit ook gebruik as ons eendag EENSAAM as tema kry!

  3. Anuscka

    Wat mooi! Wat zou ik daar graag zitten bij zonsopkomst! Heerlijk plekje! ❤️

  4. Mooi foto en pragtige oggend. Daar is ook maar altyd mense wat moet werk.

  5. I could do with earning my daily bread on a Natal beach! Just imagine… your winter temperature is about ten degrees warmer than our summer temperatures! 😉

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