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Mtwalume River on the Elysium bank

We were fishing on the bank of the beautiful Mtwalume river when we noticed the new graffiti on the concrete support under the bridge.

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  1. Beautiful and have a good meal!

  2. Dis nogal mooi gedoen…lelike mure met grafitti op,lewer soms verrassende kunswerke op!

    • Ons het nogal baie daarvan op die twee brûe oor hierdie rivier. Ek het al hieroor gesktyf, maar ek dink op Genis se blog. Sal gaan soek. Hierdie een is besonder mooi, net jammer jy sal nooit weet wie die kunstenaars is nie.

  3. It is a real shame that graffiti, which can display a significant level of skill and creativity, is considered (by the artist) acceptable to be created on somebody else’s property. Interestingly enough, they get perturbed if another artist creates over the top of their work!
    Until the “juvenile delinquent” association is removed, graffiti artists will never be appreciated for the skill that some clearly have, and the solution to that is well and truly in the “court” of the graffiti artist. Be respectful of other’s property.

    • True, but in this case they may very well have permission to paint there – I must ask around. They certainly are very skilled if you think about the fact that they have to stand upright in a canoe to apply their art.

      • Hi Hester – I will keep an open mind re your comments! We often see graffiti here where the “artist” has either been hanging over a bridge, or has climbed up the outside of a structure to create. Skilled or reckless???
        Also here, I am not aware of any government level authorizing graffiti on public property. A few obvious reasons come to mind. Not everybody (tax payers) is going to appreciate what they are forced to see. Unless the graffiti is maintained, it will soon look pretty bad (or be defaced) and then does the taxpayer cover the cost of removal or covering it up? Who monitors the chemicals used to ensure that they are not detrimental to the surface being sprayed? Who may be deemed liable in the event of an accident while creating the work?
        Literally the only example I have seen around here, that seems approved and on public property, is at ground level and on various concrete structures that form a skateboard area.
        An interesting topic! 🙂

        • Very interesting indeed if you think of it that way. We live in a very small coastal town, popular in holiday season, but otherwise almost deserted. Very few people ever see the artworks as they are screened from view by trees on the river banks. There are some much older examples upstream; I was really surprised to see this obviously recent completed one pop up.

  4. Dit moes ‘n heerlike verrassing gewees het!

    • Ja, ons ontdek so elke nou en dan iets nuuts hier wat ons nooit voorheen raakgesien het nie. 😀

  5. Ek hou hiervan…. mooi gedoen.

  6. Het julle toe vis gebraai? 😉

    • Nou wonder ek – wat op aarde laat jou dink ons sal die vis braai? Geen vis sal onder my sorg aan lyding blootgestel word nie. Ons gooi hulle onmiddellik terug in die water en gaan koop snoek by die visfabriek.

      • Ag shaaaim… daai arme snoek! En die mense wat in die fabriek werk! 😉

        • Die mense wat in die fabriek werk is vismoordenaars – ek het nie ‘n saak met hulle nie.

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